Bricks are a long-lasting, low-maintenance material that makes them ideal for home exteriors. Brickwork on a building adds to its energy efficiency and beauty. Bricks, like any other masonry product, can become discolored as a result of exposure to the elements.

Gentle Cleaning

It’s wise to get the bricks professionally cleaned if the outside of the home is in poor condition. A simple power wash may be enough to clean the bricks of dust and grime on the outside. For tough stains, a mason can use a coarse brush and soap to remove markings from prior brick work. However, if the brick work is severely damaged or discolored, expert brick cleaning masonry services are required.

Professional Sealer Application

A professional sealer may be able to restore faded brickwork and return it to its vibrant red color. Professional-grade spray equipment can ensure that sealing is done quickly and effectively. Some brick sealants need many applications, while others only require one layer of protection.

Address Underlying Issues

In most situations, drab bricks are a symptom of more serious underlying problems such as efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white, salty substance that forms on brick walls. It’s important to call in expert masonry services first, before applying any clear coat or brick paint, to tackle the source of dampness that is causing efflorescence.


Tuckpointing may also provide your masonry a beautiful look. It entails removing sections of crumbling mortar and replacing it with fresh layers of contrasting hues along the seams. The end result is a clean, classy image of well-maintained seams without any dust or debris.

Contact Central Jersey Driveways for the finest outcomes following exterior brick color restoration. Before beginning our masonry services to repair the structure and produce a fantastic finish, we’ll address any structural and aesthetic concerns beneath the bricks!