If you aim to foster a positive customer experience, then it’s recommended that you look into resurfacing your parking lot. As time passes and traffic occurs, cracks and potholes are often created which may be dangerous for customers navigating the lot. By regularly refreshing the area with new asphalt, visitors can park their vehicles in a safe environment without worry of damage. Resurfacing is cost-effective too – giving your business more bang for its buck!

For resurfacing a parking lot, the old asphalt layer must be removed and replaced with fresh pavement. Depending on its size, this entire job can usually get finished within one day; however, due to each step’s drying time requirements it may end up taking several days for completion from start to finish.

Common types of parking lot resurfacing techniques

Hot asphalt paving

This asphalt repair process involves heating the current pavement to make it pliable and then layering fresh, hot material over the existing surface. The heat melts the old layers into a slurry that provides structural support for future weather events while reducing chances of cracking. This technique is ideal in large areas with heavy traffic due to creating stronger bonds between multiple layers; however, this method does take longer as you cannot drive on newly laid surfaces until they have cooled completely – which can take up to 72 hours!

Cold milling

For areas with lighter traffic, cold milling is the better choice since it removes the top layer of asphalt in one go as opposed to gradually heating an entire section like hot paving methods. It’s a much faster process but may cause weaker interlayer bonds due to its lack of time between coats.

Top reasons to get your parking lot resurfaced

  • To restore the original quality of your parking lot
  • To reduce cracks in the surface to improve appearance and safety
  • To improve drainage on your property

The lifespan of your parking lot is determined by the quality of materials used, its upkeep, how much traffic it receives and type (pedestrian or heavy vehicle). On average you would have to resurface a parking lot between 7-10 years. However if there are an increased amount of pedestrians as well as heavier vehicles driving on the surface more often than usual then it might be smart to consider resurfacing your parking area more frequently than once every 10 years.

When searching for the perfect parking lot resurfacing contractor, it’s vital to ask if they have experience with projects similar to yours. They should not only be able to explain their process in explicit detail and exhibit a portfolio of prior jobs, but also inquire about all the equipment that will be used on your pavement specifically. Make sure you know exactly what materials will be utilized so you can feel confident in your selection.

A great contractor can help you navigate this and choose the best start time for the best results. Keep your asphalt surface smooth, functional, and attractive! With 50 years of experience, Central Jersey Driveways can offer you a free quote for your next paving project. Contact us today!