The surface of your asphalt can become less-than-smooth for many reasons, including hasty installation. If you notice that the surface texture isn’t as smooth as desired, it’s likely because the paving job wasn’t done properly in the first place. Our experts can usually tell instantly if a paving job was carried out with care or rushed through. One dead giveaway is examining the asphalt surface texture.

Not enough asphalt to bind the aggregates

If your finished asphalt paving is lumpy and pieces are chipping off, this might be due to not enough asphalt in the mix. Asphalt should be thick and soupy when in its liquid form. The aggregate is coated with asphalt while in this condition to make it solid and durable.

Not enough compaction

If asphalt or aggregate easily comes off your pavement in small pieces, it’s very likely that the paving wasn’t compacted correctly. What this means is that after the final layer of your paving was completed, it wasn’t compacted sufficiently with a roller (or tamper for small patches.)

Unsuitable aggregate mix

The aggregate mixture you choose has a momentous effect on the asphalt’s performance. If the blend is inaccurate, the asphalt can rapidly degrade, leaving an uneven surface behind. The perfect aggregate should be a mix of crushed rock and smaller particles (such as sand) so they bind together tightly.

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